Linshu Yujun Machinery Co., Ltd.

Linshu Yujun Machinery Co., Ltd. Has been engaged in all kinds of Casting, Forging, and Machinery since 2002. We are now one of the professional manufactures on Pulley, Block and Marine Hardware.

Yujun Machinery has been exported to customers all over the world Market and has a 10000 sq. Factory and more than 155 workers in Linshu County, Shandong prov. China.

In our work place we have two lathes, two punches, one tension testors, some hydraulic Press, some Bench drilling Machines, three Sawing Machines, two Bench Tapping Machines, one High Pressure Lubricator and two Automatic flexible strapping machines for packing. Use those machines we can make our products with high quality.

Now we have been sold more than 200 kinds of pulleys and blocks to the World Market.

And our main market is America. We attribute our growth and success to our loyal partners_our Customers.

Our goal is to give every customer the Yujun Purchase advantage which insures the excellent quality product at the best price.
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